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Excubits Bouncer

Comprehensive Application Whitelisting for Windows PCs and Servers.


Excubits Bouncer is a powerful path-, hash- and parent-based whitelisting driver that assists you in monitoring, tracking and blocking malicious executables on Microsoft Windows. Bouncer can lock down Microsoft Windows to prevent infections by typical malware (e. g. ransomware, unwanted downloads, unknown and untrusted software, and many more). When used properly, Excubits Bouncer will block most browser and e-mail based malware attacks. Bouncer can also avoid starting malicious executables, dynamic link libraries and drivers accidentally from external USB drives, CD/DVD-ROMs, network drives, e-mail attachments, the web browser's cache and even through exploits for example. With the parent checking feature you can also fully control what executables can be started through other executables. Just keep in mind: If Bouncer blocked an executable, then be careful and assume it was something malicious!

Excubits Bouncer

It protects

Bouncer can avoid starting malicious executables, dynamic link libraries and drivers accidentally from external USB drives, e-mail attachments, the browser's cache etc. In addition, Bouncer can also prevent malicious programs to be started through vulnerabilities or by mistake.

Installation and configuration

Bouncer can be installed in seconds because it just installs a simple kernel driver, no additional software is running on the system that slows down Windows or bothers the user with question message boxes. Additional tools can be installed to use Bouncer more comfy. The user does not interact with Bouncer directly. The configuration can be performed by an experienced administrator in no time and significantly enhances security for daily operations in a Microsoft Windows driven environment. Bouncer logs identified attacks in a simple Unicode text file. Thus it can be processed by any standard text editor. We implemented no black-box design, you can fully peek into the logs and process them as you want and regarding your needs.

Use Cases

Bouncer fully runs in the background and protects, this makes our system ideal for use in centrally managed environments, such as kiosk systems, company sites, Point-of-Sale (PoS) systems, libraries, schools, or universities. Excubits Bouncer runs on Microsoft Servers, too. Hence it can help to protect your server infrastructure. But Bouncer can also dramatically increase security at your home office and on your private personal computers. Additionally Bouncer is also suitable for analyzing and protecting offline systems like production plants, as no internet connection is required.


License / Pricing

We offer personal and company site commercial licenses. Special options, such as no-brand, white-label or reselling agreements are possible. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate and contact us. A private, non-commercial edition of Bouncer only costs 39.00EUR. To display the purchase button, please read the Terms of Service and accept them by clicking on the check-box below:

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System requirements

Windows (XP and Vista only previous versions of Bouncer), 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 in its 32-bit and 64-bit versions. Although Bouncer can protect your computers, please do not get reckless and ensure that you have installed all recent system updates and service-packs. Please note that Excubits Bouncer cannot remove existing viruses on your system.

Demo Version

You can test Bouncer without a license in its demo version. The restrictions of the demo version are minimal: The size of the configuration file can only be a maximum of ~5KBs, the log files will always contain an information stating that this is a demo version. Please note, that the demo version is for non-commercial use only.

You can download the manual for Excubits Bouncer here.

Download Bouncer

Binaries last updated on 2017/07/01

Download the free demo version today and secure up your computers. To display and start the download, please read and accept our Terms of Service below:

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