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Protect against Cyber-Threats. Avoid damage. Minimize your risks.

What we do

Excubits develops software for Windows Cyber Defence. In times of global espionage affairs and zero day exploits we cannot rely on traditional protection systems known as anti-viruses or firewalls. It is time to supplement existing protection systems. Excubits' solutions help to protect and mitigate risks. Our software is entirely written by us in Bonn, Germany.

For years, cyber crime is a continually growing economy. Criminal cyber gangs earn millions and cause millions of Dollars in damages. Cyber security helps defending your systems against cyber threats. Our aim is to secure your Windows-based systems against current attacks and risks.

Who will benefit from our solutions?


Professional business users want their systems and data to be secured. Using our solutions can assure that hackers cannot infect endpoints and servers to get their hands on sensitive data.


For governments it is important to strongly secure their systems against sophisticated cyber attacks. Our (customized) solutions help to reduce the attack surface and to harden Windows-based systems extremely.

Banks and Insurances

The banking and insurances sector needs to secure its critical systems and data. Our (customized) solutions fit the given security requirements and provide extreme in-depth protection for this sector.

Server Operators

Servers are popular targets for attackers. Our protection software helps to operate your Windows-based server infrastructure highly secured.


Private PCs are exposed to attacks every day. Using our protection software helps to reduce the risk and to keep the bad stuff out.

Our Customers

Customers from across Europe, Great Britain, U.S.A., Canada, Israel, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, U.A.E., South-Africa, Thailand, Singapur, China, Russia, POS-Providers, as well Public Services, NGOs, law offices, consulting firms already trust in our solutions and know-how.

No Hackers   No Malware   No Spyware

Excubits - So malicious and evil stuff keeps out.

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