About Excubits

Excubits develops software
for Windows Cyber Defense.


Our Mission is to protect your information technology from cyber threats. Excubits protects against attacks on Windows computers with its innovative products. All our products run completely in the Windows Kernel. Excubit's software can even protect against new and unknown malware.


Information technology is the broad basis for many processes and services we use every day, so it is important that we can rely on the technology. A firewall, an antivirus and regular updates were sufficient to protect against cyber attacks. Traditional defense strategies are not able to keep up with the amount of attack vectors arising every day. The number of successful cyber attacks increases every year. The damage is huge: companies can no longer access their data, computers are locked and employees can sometimes not work for several days, important and sensitive data are stolen, customer information is getting published or sold, production facilities are sabotaged, etc. Cyber attacks do not just cause financial damage. Companies suffer loss of reputation, so considerable damage occurs in the long term, after a cyber attack. Our Vision is to prove that our solutions are able to mess with current and future cyber threats.


We are located in Bonn, Germany. Our solutions are entirely developed in Germany and exclusively by the Excubits Team. Our developers and customer team knows what is in our software. Additionally, our software runs only locally on your computers and does not require any internet connection to properly function. Therefore, our solutions are also excellently suited for industry, banks, the medical sector, tax and law firms.