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About Excubits

Since 2014 we develop IT-Security Software for Microsoft Windows Operating Systems.


We are located in Bonn, Germany. Thanks to German law and constitution we are not bound to any patriot acts resulting in information sharing, back door deployments, or other agreements in cooperation with agencies. Made in Germany Our solutions are entirely developed in Germany and exclusively by the Excubits Team. Our software does not collect any telemetry or forensics information - your data stays at your environment.


Information technology is the broad basis for many processes and services we use every day, so it is important that we can rely on the technology. Traditional defense strategies by means of anti-viruses or firewalls are not able to keep up with the amount of new attacks and attack vectors arising every day. Our Vision is to prove that our solutions are able to mess with current and future cyber threats.


Our Mission is to protect your information technology from cyber threats.